In addition to our outstanding heavy lift equipment including horizontal jib crane, topless tower crane, luffing jib crane, construction elevator, etc., Dahan offers remarkably considerate services throughout pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales periods.

1. Pre-Sales Service
1) Equipment selection;
2) Offer the most suitable products to perfectly match customers' needs;
3) Customize products according to customer's special requirements;
4) Provide solution and feasibility analysis;
5) Help customers train technicians and operators.

2. In-Sales Service
1) Handle the transportation;
2) Pre assessment and acceptance of products;
3) Introduce Dahan's service system to customers;
4) Offer training to users on equipment operation and maintenance.

3. After-Sales Service
1) Offer on-site installation and debugging service as required;
2) Train operators on the construction site;
3) Call back to the customers regularly to know the running conditions of our construction cranes;
4) Provide technical consulting service on engineering construction and assist customers in formulating proper construction solution;
5) Supply replacement part;
6) Timely solve customer complaints.

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