Manufacturing Equipment

Dahan has served the heavy load hoisting and handling industry for a dozen of years. Our hoisting crane and material handling solutions have won great recognition among users. This owes great to our state of the art manufacturing equipment and production lines.

1. Mast Section Production Line
We have introduced advanced automatic welding system for the mast sections of our tower cranes. Through a series of automatic processes from raw material feeding, machining, welding and testing, it ensures stable and reliable production and thereby improves product quality.

2. Mast Section Main Chord Robot Welding System

Dahan is the first of its counterparts in China to use robot welding system for the manufacture of mast section main chords. This system ensures stable performance, high working efficiency, high automation and great welding quality of main structural parts.

3. Slewing Platform Robot Welding System

The slewing platform of our top slewing tower cranes comes in automatic welding by using an advanced welding robot. This maximally ensures that each product can have a high quality.

4. Automatic Shot Blasting and Spraying Line

We use the best-in-class automatic spraying line. Large structural parts experience shot blasting process before spray coating, effectively removing oxides and weld spatters on the steel surface, eliminating workpiece internal stress produced in welding process, strengthening fatigue resistance and steel surface hardness, and increasing film adhesion. This will extend parts service life, maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

5. 6m×12m CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut plates. It provides high cutting speed, clean cutting face, small thermal deformation and no oxidization layer at the cut. Welding strength will be higher.

6. High Precision Machine Tool

The key parts for connection of hammerhead and jib including pins and holes will be processed by broaching machine, improving hole machining precision and making sure that pin and hole cooperate more precisely. As a result, the tower carne comes with stronger integrality and higher safety.

7. Double Milling Machine for End Face Processing
For the mast section main chords that have been welded by robots, double milling machine is used to process end faces at both sides, ensuring flatness of each mast section and enhancing tower mast strength.