Tower Crane Raw Materials and Components

Superior Raw Materials
Raw material is the base of high quality tower cranes. Dahan directly purchases premium steel by orders from large-sized steel plants in China such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, etc. This can directly improve the safety and timeliness of our raw materials.

Best in Class Components
There are no best in class products without best in class components.
1. Electrical components: our hammerhead, flat-top and luffing jib tower cranes are equipped with Schneider contactors in the electric cabinet which feature perfect phase failure and phase-sequence protection, and motor overload protection, ensuring safe and normal running of electrical system.

2. Hoisting Mechanism: Brake wheel is made of cast steel with quenching treatment on its surface, external grinding process and run-out strictly controlled. In addition, we will enforce balance test to the hoisting mechanism. To be specific, we will conduct no-load, static load, and dynamic load test to each set of hoisting mechanism, so as to ensure reliable, safe and durable brake.

3. Trolleying Mechanism: Trolleying mechanism is designed with maintenance-free planetary reducer and electric cone brake. It comes with compact structure, balanced and powerful trolley, high durability and low fault.

4. Slewing Mechanism: Slewing platform is powered by a winding motor and driven by hydraulic pressure, ensuring stable and powerful slewing.

5. Control Device: Driver cabin features user-friendly design, providing convenience for driving and exceptional comfort.

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