Shandong Dahan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
On November 27th, we broke ground for our factory.

We gained a temporary manufacturing license to manufacture tower cranes.
Our first QTG25 tower crane was produced.
Dahan obtained ISO9001:2000 certification.
Our production capacity reached 100 sets/year.

The first QTZ63 tower crane was put into production.
Our factory moved to a new location.

We acquired the “Manufacture License of Special Equipment” as issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision (AQSIQ).

Our company moved to the South factory, and our new office building was put into use.
We obtained our trademark: Dahan, as issued by the State Trademark Bureau.
By promoting our brand, we were issued the title of “Famous Brand Product” as authorized by the Shandong Department of Construction.

The first North factory was completed and put into use.
Dahan obtained the self-supporting import and export rights. Our first QTZ63 tower crane was exported to South Korea.
The production capacity this year was 1,000 sets.

Dahan successfully and independently developed the PT125 Tower Crane: the first flat top tower crane in the Shandong province designed with split mast sections.
Welding robots for main chords of the mast section are officially used in production. Dahan is among the first among its counterparts in China to use welding robots.
We put an innovative marketing pattern into place and used it to lay out a nationwide marketing network.

Slewing platform welding robots were beginning to be used in production, and we were the first in the domestic tower crane industry to use this welding equipment.
An ERP management system was put into operation.
The output of the top slewing tower cranes reached 5,000 sets.

We put an automatic spraying line into production.
The second, fifth and sixth North factories were officially put into use.
We established Shandong Dahan Import and Export Trading Co, Ltd., and built a global marketing network.

Construction of the third North factory was started.
We were recognized as a High-Tech Enterprise of Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.
2011's output exceeded 10,000 sets, ranking us as number one in the middle and small tower crane industry.

Our tower cranes successfully covered a number of different types, including the hammerhead tower crane, flat-top tower crane and luffing jib tower crane.
The establishment of a nationwide service network was system was completed.
We built a leasing company, and achieved a breakthrough in our marketing pattern.
We completed the construction of the modern office building on our production base.
Dahan was rated as a “Famous Trademark of Shandong Province.”

Our headquarters moved to the Jinan High-Tech Development Zone
Dahan became one of the enterprises to revise tower crane national standards, and joined others to revise the GB13752 tower crane national standards.
We were honored as the leading enterprise of high quality tower cranes in the Shandong Province.
We cooperated with another company and established a new factory in the Guandong province.
Dahan building cranes are rated as Famous Brand Products of the Shandong Province.
The sixth production base was completed and put into operation, marking our transition in structure from a medium and small sized production base to a medium and large sized one.
We founded the factory in Hunan.
Our mast section production line was put into operation.

Dahan hosted the 2014 Academic Annual Conference of the China crane structure specialized committee.
We attended the Bauma China 2014 in Shanghai, to great success.

Dahan Service Provider Conference of 2015 was a complete success.

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