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Serving the building industry as a professional tower crane and building hoist manufacturer for 15 years, Dahan has manufactured tens of thousands top slewing cranes and passenger and material hoists, and sold them into domestic and overseas markets. We have been recognized as the optimal partner of construction machinery agents, construction companies and high rise buildings exterior decoration companies. We have received numerous feedbacks from our customers who expressed great praises to us and our building cranes and hoists. Some of feedbacks are shown as follows:

1. Mr. Zhang, General Manager of Henan Chumatien Dingli Equipment Co., Ltd.
"We are engaged in construction engineering projects, and we have to deliver the projects in the specified deadline with reliable quality, and we care much for the project schedule and quality. So, we have extremely high requirement for tower crane quality. Cooperation with Dahan cleaned off our worries in that both Dahan products and services is undoubtedly the best in class." Mr. Zhang said in his feedback to us.

2. Manager Huang, Anhui Tongling Chunyun Rent and Assembly Co., Ltd.
Huang said, "Dahan Construction Machinery is a specialized tower crane manufacturer in domestic and overseas market. The only thing I want to say is that Believe in Profession! So professional so excellent!".

3. Heilongjiang Jixi Guangrun Construction Machinery Distribution Company
"We have cooperated with Dahan for more than 5 years. As the understanding deepens, we have increasing confidence in Dahan. Stable products and considerate services are a strong support for us to serve our customers all over China." Manager Jian said.

4. Manager Zhang, Hebei Baoding Huakun Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhang said in the feedback that Top class products and services from Dahan enable us to be profitable in various projects. We are so honored to enjoy win-win cooperation with Dahan.

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