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Advantages of Dahan Construction Hoist


1. Dahan's SC series construction hoists with rack-and-pinion system are manufactured combining domestic and overseas cutting-edge technology. Through years of technology introduction, adsorption and innovation, they can deliver modern design, rational construction, easy operation, simple assembly and disassembly, stylish appearance and high safety.

2. Major parts of the industrial elevator made from Q345B steel. The mast sections are made by means of robotic welding technology and structural parts by mixed gas arc welding technology. This will produce premium weld joint and improve parts' service live. In addition, each part experiences shot blasting and auto spraying treatment, and mast sections can be treated by hot dip galvanizing process for excellent corrosion resistance.

3. Dahan has gained 31 proprietary technologies on structural parts and control system of construction hoists. For the drive mechanisms, gears, back gears, idler wheels and others that have potential influence on the passenger hoist and material hoist, we further enhance machining precision, improve riding comfort, stability and safety, and reduce maintenance.

4. Main electrical components are supplied by Schneider Electric, and before delivery, the product will experience strict technical inspection and overall test to ensure reliable quality.

Advantages of Parts
1. Base Frame

The foundation bolts come in M27×460mm, and feature hot dip galvanizing process which will extend their lifespan.

2. Fence
1) Fence outside the car is made from galvanized plate with punched holes, providing strong corrosion resistance and striking appearance.
2) Engineered from steel wire mesh, it comes with high cost performance.
3) Door frame of the fence comes with advanced structure. It is highly rigid and not easy to deform, and ensure ease of installation, transport and storage.
4) When the driver locks the fence door after his work, the limit switch is shut off at the same time. Then, the contactor in the electric cabinet will be in disconnected state. So, contactor's service life can be effectively extended.

3. Mast
The main chord of mast section comes in φ76×6 and φ76×4.5, and is made of high frequency welded steel pipe, ensuring high strength, high straightness and great wear resistance. Planeness of mast section is kept within 0.2mm and straightness accuracy of chord is less than 0.6mm.

1) 650×650 Mast Section: most extensive application range; main chord is available in two size options i.e. φ76×6 and φ76×4.5;
2) 800×800 Mast Section: excellent stability, high wind load capacity;
3) 450×450 Mast Section: Compact design, convenient for transportation;
4) 650×900 Mast Section: Suitable for high speed and heavy load construction hoists.

4. Cage

1) The main stressed member of the cage is made of Q345B cold roll forming steel, ensuring high intensity and eye-catching appearance;
2) Beautiful and durable fence, cage door and fence door frame with pickling-phosphating and spraying surface treatment;
3) The construction lift is designed with a trap door on the top of the cage, and equipped with ladder for convenient installation and maintenance;
4) Welding at one stroke ensures high dimensional accuracy and ease of assembly and disassembly;
5) Various treatments to the cage are implemented after its integral welding. This can ensure machining precision and greatly improve running stability;
6) Cage coating: the cage of our construction hoist experiences impeller blasting treatment and auto spraying process after that. Acrylic acid polyurethane oil paint for engineering machinery is used to provide bright color, stability, great weather resistance and long service life;
7) The connection bolts of idler wheel seat come with larger size and feature improvement in local structure, making sure the cage can run much more stably.

5. New Cage Guardrail

1) The new cage guardrail is constructed from galvanized steel pipe or aluminum alloy pipe, and assembled by connectors and bolts;
2) Galvanized steel pipe comes with even coating, excellent corrosion resistance and long service life;
3) Aluminum alloy pipe has high strength, light dead weight and high corrosion resistance.

6. Adjustable Boom
1) Original stationary boom is not convenient for transport. Short arm possibly result in slip during hoisting, thus producing high risk;
2) Our construction hoist is provided with an adjustable boom that can handle above problem and provides small space occupation, easy transportation, assembly and disassembly, and reduction of labor intensity;
3) When hoisting attachment frame, it can be adjusted to 90° and lift at the middle position; when hoisting mast sections, it can be adjusted to 135° to improve hook height.

7. New Type Cable Drum

The cable drum of our construction hoist is engineered from hot dip galvanized plate, ensuring better corrosion resistance.

8. Pulley System
Cable pulley system can completely handle the technical difficulties to correctly install the cable.

9. Gin Pole
The gin pole is designed to move the cable up and down. It can effectively avoid fatigue crack problem.

10. Anti-Falling Device
Over speed protection device consists of SAJ40-1.2A type anti-falling device, base plate, back gear and stop block. It is installed inside the cage. The base plate processed by CNC machine comes with high precision and can serve for a long time due to surface treatment of powder spraying.

11. Driver Cabin
The driver cabin of our construction hoist is constructed from hot dip galvanized plates with surface powder spraying treatment which ensure superior corrosion resistance. It has fan that can improve driver's working environment. LED lights are installed for lighting, providing high efficiency, strong shock resistance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and small space occupation.

12. Transmission Device Car
The car for holding the transmission device is equipped with an automatic oiling machine that can ensure perfect lubrication of rack and pinion, thus extending service life, reducing shock and noise and improving riding comfort.

13. Gear Train
The new back gear is lengthened by one time at the stationary bearing end where it is equipped with locating taper pin to improve stress state and avoid loosening of backgear that will affect gear backlash. We employ C&U or NSK brand bearings that come with longer lifespan.

The parts such as beargear, idler wheel, etc. that have influence on running stability are improved to enhance machining and manufacturing precision. All of them will experience thermal refining treatment and galvanizing treatment after that, thus showing excellent durability. Case door pulley and cable pulley are made from nylon material which can prolong their life time and effectively reduce noise.

14. Electrical Control System

Dahan construction hoists are designed with a complete electrical control system that consists of upper electric cabinet, lower electric cabinet, driver cabin control board, control cable, etc. Main electrical components are from Schneider Electric. They have gone through strict technical inspection and overall test to ensure superior quality. The gear drive construction hoist applies PLC control system that feature delay control function, reducing starting and stopping shock, and ensuring stable running. It also comes with fault self-diagnosis function that is convenient for maintenance.

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