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Construction Hoist

In today's large scale construction projects, construction hoist, also referred to as building hoist,construction elevator,buck hoist or temporary elevator, can be frequently found as effective means of transporting workers and materials quickly and safely. This construction machinery often found to be used with tower cranes, are ideal for use in high building construction sites as well as warehouse and wharfs.

As an expert in building machinery design and manufacture, Dahan can offer customers a superior selection of construction hoists which provide improved performance, durability, safety and hoisting capacity with low energy consumption and low cost of operation as well as modern design, reasonable structure, easy operation, assembly and disassembly.

The SC series construction hoists from Dahan can be divided into various types according to driving modes and control modes. Based on driving modes, it comes in triple drive and double drive options, and on control modes, it offers a selection of industrial frequency control, PLC control and frequency converting control options (switching control between industrial frequency and converting frequency is available). Running speed under common power frequency control is 33m/min while the speed ranges in 0-40m/min, 0-54m/min and 0-63m/min under frequency converting control.

Mast section dimension is available in 450×450mm, 650×290mm, 650×650mm, 650×900mm and 800×800mm, and height is 1508mm. In addition, the cage of Dahan construction hoist comes in six sizes including 1.8m×1.35m×2.2m, 3m×1.5m×2.4m, 3.2m×1.5m×2.4m, 3.2m×1.7m×2.4m, 4.5m×1.6m×2.6m, and 5m×2.5m×2.75m.

Construction Hoist Structure

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