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Luffing Jib Tower Crane

Dahan's luffing jib tower cranes are well suited for the construction sites which come with tight schedule, heavy workload and relatively narrow space. The luffing crane has a small slewing radius on its tail, thus effectively preventing the jib from a collision with the building nearby. This enables the construction crane to be perfectly used for the particularly high buildings construction sites with an extremely restricted space.

With super large lifting moment and outstanding reach, our luffing jib tower crane is suitable for high rise buildings of steel structure. In addition, a newly designed slewing platform can ensure an effective improvement of stress state and enhance horizontal rigidity of the luffing-jib crane. Dahan is a trustworthy construction machinery supplier, and our tower cranes are designed to match your needs. Now, let's see what benefits our luffing jib tower crane can bring to you.

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