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Luffing Jib Tower Crane

, QTZ80 (5012)
With max lifting capacity up to 8t, max load moment of 80t·m, max jib length of 50m, freestanding height of 35.8m and up to 125.8m hook height by wall anchoring erection, our QTZ80 (5012) luffing jib tower crane is suitable for any high rise construction project. This self climbing tower crane is specially designed to meet the requirements of restricted worksite. It can avoid any obstruction. To get a better understanding about this level luffing crane, please keep browsing or contact us directly.
Height Under Hook
Load Diagram
Mechanisms of the Luffing Jib Tower Crane
M/min t kw Rope length
Hoisting 40LVF20
0~40 4 30kw 400m;
or > 400m (contact us if it is more than 400m)
40~80 2
0~30 6
30~60 3
0~20 8
20~40 4
Luffing 50VVF40 1.8min 37kw
Slewing RCV95 0~0.8r/min 2 95Nm
Traveling RT443(L68B2) 12.1/24.1m/min 4× 3.4/1.7kw
RT324(L46A1) 12.7/25.4m/min 2× 2.6/5.2kw
Power supply 380V (± 5%), 50Hz, 83kVA
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