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Luffing Jib Tower Crane

, QTZ63 (3615)
QTZ63 (3615) is a 5t level luffing jib tower crane. Its maximum lifting capacity is 5 tons. With the maximum working radius up to 36m, this luffing boom tower crane can meet the requirements of restricted job sites. If you want to know more about this top slewing tower crane, please contact us at any moment you want.
H1 H+6.5 H+28.6 H+25.5
H2 H+8.5 H+36.4 H+32.5
L1 31m=1+2+3
L2 36m=1+2+3+4
H Tower height
Min. elevation angle
Max. elevation angle (in service)
Max. elevation angle (out of service)
Height Under Hook
Load Diagram
Wall Anchoring Assembly
Mechanisms of the Luffing Jib Tower Crane
Rope length
Hoisting 55LVF25
M/min 0~38 0~46 0~68 18.5kw 360m;
or > 550m (contact us if it is more than 550m)
t 2.5 1.85 1
M/min 0~19 0~22 0~34
t 5 3.7 2
Luffing 24LF15B 1min 40s 24kw
Slewing RCV95 0~0.8r/min 95Nm
Traveling RT324 0~25m/min 2× 5.2kw
Power supply 380v(± 5%), 50Hz 65kVA
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