Advantages of Dahan Flat Top Tower Crane

1. Jib Sections
The jib sections of our flat top tower crane feature a fast connection design. Due to that, the jib can be assembled and disassembled in the air and requires no hammering, thus saving time, labor and space.

2. Mast Sections
Our flat-top crane adopts split mast sections which consist of four stand-alone L-shaped steel trusses, characterized by that the steel trusses are connected by hinged bolts.

3. Reducer
The flat top tower crane employs a combination design of German SEW high precision hardened gear reducer, all-in-one motor connected to the reducer and a double Lebus-groove hoisting drum. This design ensures a compact structure and low noise. Plus closed loop variable frequency speed control, it can realize zero-speed braking, bringing no wear to friction plate of the brake.

4. Frequency Converting System
The three major mechanisms of this construction crane feature variable frequency control design, ensuring smooth and shock-free start and stop, comfortable operating and dramatic extension of service life.

5. Electrical System
Dahan's flat top tower crane comes with state of the art electric cabinet design that is composed of frequency converter, PLC control system and heavy duty connectors. This simplified design ensures ease of assembly and disassembly, and avoids huge time and labor consumption caused by wrong wire connection during installation.

6. Operator Cabin
The topless hoisting machinery is designed with an spacious operator cabin. Reinforced glass ensures high safety while offering great vision. Built-in electric cabinet design is not only resistant to water and dust, but also features terrific dissipation performance.

7. User-Friendly Design
Working aisle, platform for installation and maintenance, ladder and operator cabin on the flat top tower crane come with user friendly design that will guarantee operator's safety.

8. Counter-Balance Jib
Counter-balance jib is designed to be adjustable according to the change of jib length, thus better accommodating to on-site work conditions.

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