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Flat Top Tower Crane

, QTZ200 (7025.16)
The QTZ200 (7025.16) flat top tower crane is a versatile and efficient lifting machine. It offers the optimal solution for handling of heavy load up to 16t in high rise construction sites. Its jib length ranges in 3~70m. The construction crane comes with a freestanding hook height of 51.7m. With anchoring devices attached to the building wall, its hook height can reach amazing 227.2m. This enables the tower crane to be perfect for high rise building, railway and bridge as well as power plants construction projects.
Balance Weight
Load Diagram
Wall Anchoring Assembly
Mechanisms of the Flat Top Tower Crane
Rope length
Hoisting 75LVF40
M/min 0~30 0~60 55kw 550m
or > 550m (contact us if it is more than 550m)
t 8 4
M/min 0~15 0~30
t 16 8
Trolleying BP7570 0~56m/min 7.5kw
Slewing RVF7.5 0~0.8r/min 3× 7.5kw
Traveling RT443 0~25m/min 4× 5.2kw
Power supply 380v (±5%), 50Hz, 163kVA
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