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Flat Top Tower Crane

, QTZ160 (7015.10)
If you are looking for a tower crane, and have strict requirements for its height and working radius. The QTZ160 (7015.10) flat top tower crane developed by Dahan from China will be a perfect choice, and it is worth this honor. The free standing hook height of the hoisting machine is up to 60m, and it can reach up to 195m through with wall anchorage. The effective working radius ranges from 3m through to 70m, and the maximum lifting weight is as heavy as 10t. In today's building industry, this heavy lift crane will be one of the most commonly used materials handling machinery.
Balance Weight
Load Diagram
Wall Anchoring Assembly
Mechanisms of the Flat Top Tower Crane
Rope length
Hoisting 55LVF25
M/min 0~45 45~90 45kw 550m
or > 550m (contact us if it is more than 550m)
t 5 2.5
M/min 0~22 22~45
t 10 5
Trolleying BP5565 0~58m/min 5.5kw
Slewing RVF5.5 0~0.8r/min 5.5kw
Traveling RT443(L68B2) 12.1/24.1m/min 2× 3.4/1.7kw
Power supply 380v (±5%), 50Hz, 80kVA
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