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Flat Top Tower Crane

, QTZ125 (6513.8)
Here at Dahan, as a Chinese major flat-top crane supplier, we offer a flat top tower crane that features the maximum lifting capacity of 8 tons and the lifting moment of 125t·m. This is our QTZ125 (6513.8) series topless tower crane. The effective working radius of the construction machinery ranges from 3m to 65m. Without the help of wall anchors, it can reach a height of 45m. With wall anchoring mechanism, however, the height under hook can be up to 141m.
Balance Weight
Load Diagram
Wall Anchoring Assembly
Mechanisms of the Flat Top Tower Crane
Rope length
Hoisting 40LVF20
M/min 0~40 40~80 30kw 430m
or > 430m (contact us if it is more than 430m)
t 4 2
M/min 0~20 20~40
t 8 4
Trolleying BP4060 0~50m/min 4kw
Slewing RVF4 0~0.8r/min 2× 4kw
Traveling RT324 12.7/25.4m/min 2× 2.6kw/5.2kw
Power supply 380v (± 5%), 50Hz, 50kVA
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