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Flat Top Tower Crane

, QTZ125(6513.6)
Dahan's QTZ125 (6513) series flat top tower crane can be used in a tower group in your construction site. This material handling equipment can carry a 6t heavy load from one place to another without beyond the largest jib length of 65m. Thanks to the rated lifting moment of 125t·m, freestanding height of 45m and maximum hook height realized by using wall anchoring devices, this hoisting equipment can meet the requirements of various construction projects.
Balance Weight
Load Diagram
Wall Anchoring Assembly
Mechanisms of the Flat Top Tower Crane
Rope length
Hoisting 30LVF15
M/min 0~40 40~80 24kw 430m
or > 430m (contact us if it is more than 430m)
t 3 1.5
M/min 0~20 20~40
t 6 3
Trolleying BP4060 0~50m/min 4kw
Slewing RVF4 0~0.8r/min 2× 4kw
Traveling RT324 12.7/25.4m/min 2× 2.6kw/5.2kw
Power supply 380v (± 5%), 50Hz, 50kVA
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