As technology has developed, so too has the heavy lifting and transportation market, and for consumers in the construction industries, a "one size fits all" product is no longer the answer to meet customer demands. Instead, Dahan has developed into a leading supplier that meets diverse and varied customer needs for hammerhead tower cranes, flat top tower cranes, luffing jib tower cranes and construction hoists. Each one of these advanced and innovative pieces of construction machinery can meet strict customer requirements for material handling and hoisting in large scale construction projects. With state of the art lifting technology and equipment, the best raw materials and components, our construction cranes and elevators are high quality, and built to last, serving customers for years to come, all at a reasonable price. When customers come to Dahan, not only will they find reliable and affordable products, but they will also be the recipients of exceptional service and support.

    1. Hammerhead Tower Crane

      This horizontal jib crane is designed to be well suited for heavy lifting duties on the most challenging worksites.
      The jib and counter balance jib of our hammerhead tower crane is characterized by small section and reasonable stress.

    1. Flat Top Tower Crane

      The main structural parts of this flat top tower crane are made from Q345 manganese steel. Double trolley with variable falls matches to the needs for different lifting capacity. Basic mast section with a height of 7.5m ensures easier and safer assembly and disassembly.

    1. Luffing Jib Tower Crane

      Dahan’s luffing jib tower cranes are well suited for the construction sites which come with tight schedule, heavy workload and relatively narrow space. The luffing crane has a small slewing radius on its tail, thus effectively preventing the jib from a collision with the building nearby.

    1. Construction Hoist

      Dahan can offer customers a superior selection of construction hoists which provide improved performance, durability, safety and hoisting capacity with low energy consumption and low cost of operation as well as modern design, reasonable structure, easy operation.

  • Service
  • 1. Pre-Sales Service
    1) Equipment selection;
    2) Offer the most suitable products to perfectly match customers' needs;

    2. In-Sales Service
    1) Handle the transportation;
    2) Pre assessment and acceptance of products;
    3) Introduce Dahan's service system to customers;

  • Cases
  • Typical cases of Dahan tower cranes and construction hoists in overseas construction projects are shown below:

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